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You’re finally here. Cybura. After months of anticipation, you’d managed to snag a spot on one of the first public interdimensional airships to the realm. The Port was bustling with new adventurers and potential citizens like yourself. The Department of Interdimensional Affairs building lay just outside the gates of the Port. If they accept your application, you could make a new life for yourself here.

After a quick security check up at the front of the DIA, you make your way to the registration office. The office itself is fairly small, and you notice a few other people filling out forms or talking to the clerks behind the glass. Finally, it is your turn and an elderly lady with a bun in her greying hair looks at you over her glasses. A quick glance at her nametag tells you her name is Eudoxia Matrona. “Well don’t just stand there! What do you want?” Suddenly feeling awkward after being caught staring, you explain that you’d like to register as a citizen. “Well then! Welcome to Cybura young’un. Take this,” she begins, as she hands you a small device that resembles a touchscreen tablet. “That will be your PC once you register it. Just insert your ID card into the slot on the side, then enter your information on the screen that appears. Your PC can also replace your ID card in all the places in the ACZ as well as most places in either of the two realms. Hurry along now, I have other people to attend to.” Knowing you were just dismissed, you plop down in a seat on the far end of the room and followed Eudoxia’s instructions. Upon turning the PC on and entering your ID card, you are met with the following form:

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