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As you walk through the bustling plaza, you spot a large bulletin board close to The Great Tree. The dark wood gleams where the rays of sunlight hit it. On it, you read a sign saying, “Hear ye! Hear ye! The King has made a proclamation!” you'll find all the latest news and gossip from every corner of Cybura!

Dec 21, 2017 at 3:03am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
15 Days of Christmas Event! Read More

Important! We are sure that those who are taking part in the event have noticed that you get an error when trying to claim day 12 or above. The reason for this is that it appears that the artist whom has been working on the items for this event will not be completing the last 4 days, the reason why is currently unknown as the artist has not yet responded to us. So we have assigned another artist to this duty and will keep everyone updated. The event will continue as soon as the last 4 items are complete. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Happy Holidays! So, as promised, here is the update regarding the 15 days of Christmas event. It's a few hours late unfortunately, due to testing and adding some final touches, but nonetheless, here it is! And one more thing to take note of is that the event will also be running a day late, meaning instead of it starting today (December 21, 2017), it will begin tomorrow (December 22, 2017) at midnight. So, we are going to keep this update short and jump right into it!

Step 1 - Acquire Your Holiday Gift Pack(s)

(Click to see larger image)

Cybura is still in it's development stage, and this stage can prove to be the most costly because it does not generate funds regularly. So with that said, the Holiday Gift packs and this event are part of our fundraiser in hopes to generate a bit of funds to help take care of server costs, bring you a bit of new art and speed up programming in some areas. So far the event has pulled in about half of what it cost for the art of the event itself (the exclusive items), but regardless, we thank everyone for their support! Whether you help fund Cybura or help by staying active and/or inviting your friends, thank you so much!

Step 2 - Activate your Holiday Gifts

(Click to see larger image)

To activate your holiday gift packs, open your travel bag click the holiday pack you wish to activate and then click the "Activate" button (#1 in image) located under "Store Item".

Step 3 - Place & Claim

(Click to see larger image)

Visit the 15 Days of Christmas event page which you can do so by clicking here or you may find it under the "Play" section in the navigation bar. On that page you will see the total amount of holiday gifts that you have to place (#1 in image) as well as the current day of the event (#2 in the image). Next you will see greyscale gift boxes labeled Day 1-15. If you have holiday gifts that are available to be placed then click on the gift box of the day you would like to place it on, once you do then you will place 1 holiday gift on that day and the greyscale gift box should become full of color. You will also notice that the 0 in the top right of that day will increase by 1 with each click and that you will be unable to place anymore on that day once 5 holiday gifts are placed there. This number is the amount you will receive in your travel bag of that day's item.

Remember, these items are exclusive and will NEVER be released again. Another thing to take note of is that you cannot place Holiday Gifts on the current day or days of the event that have already passed, so be sure to place all your gifts before the event stars so you won't miss out (#3 in image). We encourage you to open your gifts and claim your items each day, but if you miss a day, then no worries, you can still claim them at any time. When you claim an item, it is marked as claimed and also shows you the item image instead of the gift box (#4 in image). Lastly, the border will turn green for each day that has passed and also the current day of the event (#5 in the image), this as well as the current day count (#2 in the image) helps you to keep track of things.

Step 4 - Enjoy & Thank you for your support!

We hope this information helps everyone understand the event a bit better. Thank you for supporting Cybura and we hope you enjoy!

P.S. Be sure to login on Christmas day to receive some free goodies!

Dec 19, 2017 at 12:02am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Large Update! Hatch your first companion! Read More

*exhales* Oh boy, do I have some news for you! I am just trying to figure out where to start... *searches through papers* Lets see... erm... Ah! Here we go! Let's start with this one! It appears that there has been quite a big update for Personal Communicators, This update should have already downloaded and installed on your PC if you are able to read this update. But lets go over the update a bit shall we? Good.

So, I am sure at some point in time you have seen a name of another citizen on your PC and decided to click on it and see where it takes you, only to find out that it doesn't take you very far, in fact, it doesn't take you anywhere. Well, the first part of this update fixed that problem, clicking on the name of a citizen will now lead you to the profile of that citizen where you can find interesting information about them and even leave a comment, wonderful right? More info on this update below.

Clicking on a player's username will lead you to their profile.

(Click to see larger image)

You can find some useful things on a profile like a link to message the user, see their swaps, shop, showroom, etc. And you can also leave a comment on their profile.

Exciting, exciting indeed. But moving along to the next PC update... Friends. How many of us have them? You know, the ones we can depend on?... okay I will stop now. OTL But anyways, you can now befriend other citizens and stalk them! Hurray for Stalking! More details below.

(Click to see larger image)

You can send a friend request to a player from their profile. Players would have to first accept the request before being officially added to your list. Friends list shows which friends are online and which are offline. You can see how many total friends are online in the top icon bar.

Now, onto the last part of the PC portion of the update, since we have much to cover! There is now a notification system installed that will keep you notified of activity that takes place regarding yourself. See details below of what I mean.


Notifications appear automatically without the need of you manually reloading the page. If an action occurs that there is already an icon in the top bar that will notify you, then you will only receive a notification through this system if you are online and the notification will disappear after a few second. However if there is not already an icon to notify you of the specific action then you would need to manually dismiss the notification.

*wipes forehead* Phew, three updates down and a few more to go. So... I am sure if you participated in the Halloween event or received your rewards for donating to the fundraiser, then your travel bag is a bit weighed down, or maybe even full, and I am sure you are getting quite the workout by lugging it around all day... Sheesh! So, you should be pleased to know that you may now place some of those items into storage. And of course, more info below.

(Click to see larger image)

Players can store items by visiting their travel bag and clicking on the item they wish to store. Storage starts with a max capacity of 24 slots and just like the travel back, you may stack items that are the same to save space.

What now? Well now... now it's time to PARTY! And no, I am not talking about that upcoming Christmas party you may be looking forward to, or possibly even dreading. But party as in a group, you and three other citizens can now form a party of up to four. Now, since we are in the ACZ, there is no fighting allowed here, but it will have it's other perks. See details below.

(Click to see larger image)

Players can form parties of up to four. Parties will display each players active character as well as the companion team of that character and other useful things. Parties will only have one leader and players can leave at any time. Parties will allow you to receive notifications about certain activity regarding the other player's character. Parties will have it's benefits for battle like an EXP boost for example, but also, during site events the entire party's luck will increase. You can form a party by clicking the party icon on a players profile, if they are not already in a party. If you are already in a party then you must be the party leader in order to invite new players to the party. Inactivity greater than 10 minutes will automatically kick you from the party.

And what can be more exciting than a party? Well, how about your very own companion? Yup, you heard me right. The council has determined that every new citizen should travel with at least one companion at all times, so Prof. Osmond has taken it upon himself to provide an egg to all new citizens and better yet, it's ready to hatch! Make sure you head over to his lab to grab yours at the earliest! Make this your mission! Details. Down. Below. :)

(Click to see larger image)

(Click to see larger image)


(Click to see larger image)

Players will receive their very first mission as well as their first companion. Follow the mission information to trigger the mission event. Follow through the event and choose your first companion. After you have chosen your companion, the hatching process will begin. Remain active on the site for 30 minutes to hatch your egg. More than 10 minutes of inactivity will make your timer reset so be careful not to be inactive for too long. When your egg hatches, you will be able to provide a name for your new companion. Companions will have randomly generated colors and 1-3 markings of a random opacity. This is only the case (randomness) for your starter companion.

It's that time of year again and this year Cybura is having it's first Christmas event, 15 Day of Christmas! Now, before we go any further, we would like to state that Cybura is a large game and with the server, quality of art and even programming in some areas, things become costly. So, with that said, the 15 Days of Christmas event is part of our fundraiser, however, players who cannot afford to contribute financially to Cybura should still login on Christmas day to receive a little gift. For players interested in participating in the event, it will run for 15 days starting December 21, 2017. Each day a new prize will be revealed and it is possible for you to obtain up to 5 copies of that item. These items will be event restricted and only for this year, so they won't be released ever again in the future. A day before the event begins you will be able to activate and place your Holiday Gifts on your desired day and can place up to 5 Holiday Gifts on each day. Holiday gifts come in packs of 1, 5, 10, 15, and 30, visit our fundraiser to claim yours. There will be another update going into more details about the event within the next two days, so keep an eye out!


Lastly, I leave you with this list of the more minor updates:

1. All Alpha art is done for top icon nav bar. A couple more icons may be added for beta but it's pretty much final.

(Click to see larger image)

2. Added Tool tips for profile icons, notification nav, and for each color of character creation with the name of what you are customizing.

3. Inactivity now logs you out after 10 minutes.

4. Players who have donated for a prize tier have received their founder trophy which is displayed on their profile. All fundraiser rewards have been handed out, so if a player doesn't have theirs then they should get in contact at the earliest.

5. Telepathy is a skill, always meant to be one unlocked, and the time has come to where it is now locked to all players until they fulfill the required conditions to unlock it. Telepathy is a character skill meaning once you unlock, it is only unlocked for your active character, you must replay the mission with other characters to unlock for them. You can be pinged but not ping other players without the skill.

6. Characters have been reset, giving the players the opportunity to fix any mistakes that were made during the initial release. This should be the last reset before official Alpha launch.

Oct 29, 2017 at 5:40pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Halloween Event + Character Creation! Read More

"Hello Citizens! Things are moving along. I know it has been a bit of time since our last bulletin board update but we want the best for the citizens of our realm, so rushing resulting in low quality work is just not an option." Well, that is the message that the officials wanted me to include in this post, so there it is, I did my duty... >.> But now, onto the exciting news!

So, first on the menu, we hear that the realms are making it a requirement that all Citizens carry a photo ID card of themselves on hand at all times. So you probably should start that diet that you have been planning to start tomorrow... -.- The officials are allowing those citizens who hold an Alpha pass to have priority access before it actually becomes a requirement for all citizens... so... better get to it while there are no waiting lines! Check below for more info.

Note: Character creation event will only trigger for users with Alpha access.

(Click to see larger image)

Choose your character's sex.

(Click to see larger image)

Completely customize your character!

It's that spooky time of year again, and there are strange things happening as we get closer to that certain day. There are reports of people going missing in the Haunted Forest and there is no trace of them to be found.... only... their Trick or Treat Bucket. Officials are investigating this matter and suggests that citizens stay away from that forest for now until they solve the case. So yeah, you should probably take heed but... those buckets could be filled with goodies... *cough* but no, don't listen to your greedy mind! Safety comes first! Officials are not sure if this is just some sort of sick trick or not, but, they aren't laughing! Read on for more info on the incident.

Note: Event is triggered by posting or replying to a discussion in the forums, there is a minimum character limit require to trigger the event but in order to try and limit spam, we will not mention the exact amount.

(Click to see larger image)

1. Search the image to find the hidden tot_bucket_grayscale.png and then click on it to claim your prize. The opacity and location varies, sometimes it will be easy and other times it may take a bit of searching. Have fun! :D
2. If you just cannot find that little bucket and have had enough, then you may click the "Finish" button located at the bottom right of the screen. You will lose your chance at a prize this time, but at least you can rest your mind and eyes haha.

(Click to see larger image)

After locating the ToT bucket then be sure to have a look inside by clicking the larger version and you will either get nothing or get a neat item. Here are the possible prizes, the last two being the more rarer ones.


Alright! The results are in for the Roleplay Buffet that was hosted a few months back and here is a list of the users who filled their belly the most, and their prizes!

$50 Cash or 50 Royal Tokens
3-Color Cube (x1)
Random Species Egg (x1)
Gold Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @TheIronPoet (142 Points)

15 Royal Tokens
2-Color Cube (x1)
Purple Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @Azuna (71 Points)

5 Royal Tokens
Single Color Cube (x1)
Green Travel Bag (x1)
Winner: @Lunar_Redux (42 Points)

Congrats to you all and we hope you enjoy your prizes! And thank you for everyone who participated! Okay, so what else do we have on the list, let's see *rustles through some papers*... Ah! There it goes! So, it seems that Prof. Osmond has restricted the access of the breeding simulator to those citizens who hold an Alpha pass only. No information was given as to what brought about this change but we are thinking the officials had a hand in it...


I hear that there are lots of new things in the works for those who hold an Alpha pass, so it probably would be a good idea to get one if you have a little spare change lying around. I hear the realms have added an option to the fundraiser for those of you interested in the pass only and not any of the other rewards offered. So, be sure to check it out! Also, while you are there, you will notice that there is a tier that offers a Purple Travel Bag as a reward, now what is this you ask? Well, you already have a travel bag, but this travel bag is an upgrade to a bigger one! It should definitely come in handy if you were to... I don't know... come across an abandoned ToT Bucket or something. *cough*

(Ooo Shiiinyyyy...)

To upgrade your travel bag after you have acquired one of these items, post a reply to the Travel Bag Upgrade Thread!

And last but certainly not least, here is a note from our Officials in regards to some more things that have happened:

"Things Updated:

- Added Reply Count for discussions.
- Fixed Messaging Bug of not being able to read messages.
- Fixed Messaging Bug of new messages showing up at the bottom.
- Temporary Characters & Companions cleared.
- Character Background text sent to inbox of users who filled it out so they won't lose their hard work.
- Temporary Citizen Info Update Section removed from BIO page.
- Previous Sub-Replies have been cleared.
- Layout navigation bar hover color changed.
- Breeding Simulator link added to navigation bar as a dropdown link under "Play" section of navigation bar
- Travel Bag now a dropdown link under "Play" section of navigation bar".

Enjoy! Until next time!

1. Custom outfits are now displays again.
2. Minimum character limit has been lowered.

Jul 20, 2017 at 2:38am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Breeding Simulator, Events & RP Buffet! Read More

Events... These are what our lives are mostly made up of. Even if you are the realm's biggest couch potato, you'd be telling an obvious lie if you said you've never experienced an event... Heck, even to be reading this update right now, you've had to experience some type of event, whether that was becoming a permanent citizen or choosing the realm you wish to reside in or maaany other countless possibilities. But one thing is certain, if you are that couch potato that would dare to swear you've never experienced an event, your life is about to change... you will experience many events in the world of Cybura, so much to do, so many people to meet, and unexpected things to happen! More info below for you Mr./Mrs. Couch Potato:


(Click to see larger image)

1. Events are triggered when certain requirements are met.
2. Events hold stories and key information about Cybura.
3. Events are often interactive & can prompt you to make important decisions.
4. Once an event is triggered, you must complete the even until you see the "Finish" button, or else the event will not complete.

So... Are you starting to realize that you have indeed experienced an event before in your lifetime? I mean... even this is considered an event, wouldn't you say? Anyways, the next thing on the list of things I am paid by sponsors to tell you is that Prof. Osmond has released his Breeding Simulator, yup, the one we mentioned in the last update, and it's pretty neat! You should see for yourself! Submit your data to us by replying to this topic and get a nifty prize!

1. Select the parent species & customize them by changing colors and adding markings.


(Click to see larger image)

2. Click the "Simulate" button and view three of the possible offspring from the pairing.


(Click to see larger image)

3. Make sure you make a screenshot of the parents & your favorite offspring and reply to this discussion including the images to receive a prize!

4. You can access the Breeding Simulator here, and the official nav link will be up shortly.

Okay, last but certainly not least, the realms are hosting a buffet of some sort, but since it is too much information to post here, details can be found posted in The Arena. (Or by clicking the lovely image below!)


And that's all we have for you in this update folks, we'll see you next update! Enjoy & Have Fun! (Also, be sure to check out and support us via our fundraiser, especially since we may need to upgrade to a larger server for this contest.)

Jun 17, 2017 at 2:34am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Travel Bag, Messaging, and... Evolution! Read More

Hello Citizens of Cybura! It's time to roll out our next update! YES!

So, first thing's first, we've finally added the last two avatars and that completes our current species avatar set... well... not including evolutions but, yeah, we will get to those avatars after we have actually released all of the evolutions haha. So, here is the current avatar set, the Elite Shark and Elite Saber being the newest additions. Also, you should now be able to use the forum avatar associated with your random companion that was generated. Enjoy!





Next, we have reports of strange new creatures roaming around Cybura, some seem to think they are evolutions of some sort from our Kitsune species. An anonymous resident was able to snap a few photos and send them in to us, kudos to them and we are glad they remained unharmed during the process. Have a look and let us know what you think!



Fascinating isn't it? We will keep and eye on any news concerning this and keep you updated! Okay, moving quite along... The world of Cybura... it's a mysterious place that allows us to have abilities we've never even thought possible, one of those abilities being the gift of Telepathy, something we've all had the moment we stepped foot into the world of Cybura, some would say that we've always had these abilities and Cybura just... well... awakens them. But anywho you can communicate/notify another citizen during a discussion by simply focusing your mind and speaking their name. Pretty cool right? RIGHT?! ... Yes, it is, we've provided more details below.

1. There is a brain icon at the top left of the page that will notify you of new mentions.

ping1.png ping2.png

2. When creating, replying to, or editing a discussion, type the username of the person you want to notify beginning with "@".


3. View, respond and delete messages by clicking on the brain icon or visiting this page


Okay, next up, I am sure all of your heard of the upcoming PC upgrade... What? No? Where were you living? Under a rock?!... geez... anyways, every citizen's PC has been auto-upgraded to the latest version and now includes... TEXT MESSAGING! Yes, you've heard me right! You may now send and receive messages to/from other citizens, and you can even have a group chat! Pretty cool, huh. Text messaging rates may apply, haha... no... seriously, rates do apply and will cost a small fee (coins or bytes, our free in-game currencies), however, there will be monthly plans (available in coins or bytes) available that you'd might want to consider if you plan on sending a lot of messages. But don't worry, every citizen is on the Unlimited Plan for the time being, so send and receive as many messages as you want at no cost! Here are the latest images and info regarding the update:

1. Your current PC plan (if any) displays in your user panel just below your active character's level. For the time being, everyone has the Unlimited Plan, so send and receive messages as you like without losing any of your coins or bytes.


2. The envelope icon found at the top left of the page will notify you when you have a new message.


3. You are allowed to have group messages where more than two people can view and reply to the message, currently there is no limit on the amount of users you can add in one message.


Moving on to the final update, every citizen in Cybura will receive a free, yup, you've heard me right, FREE Travel Bag at the port when their application is approved and they are granted access into Cybura, current citizens may go claim their travel bag as well. Pretty cool right? Lastly, anyone who has contributed to (or contributes to) our fundraiser will receive their rewards upon picking up their free bag, if you didn't receive your rewards then please let the officials know here. More details on Travel Bags below.

1. Your travel bag has 16 slots by default, there will be upgrade and storage options in the near future. The drag and drop feature allows you to drag your item to a new slot and also to stack multiples of the same item to save bag space. The max quantity in one stack is 99, after that you will have to use another slot. If you donate/donated to our fundraiser, you will find your items in your bag. You may access your travel bag by clicking on the link in the navigation area or by clicking here.


2. Hover over an item to see it's name, type, rarity, when it was discovered (Items are discovered once the first user obtains it, then the date is set. Items will be marked "undiscovered" if no user has gotten the item yet and can be viewed on the item search page that will be added in the future.), item use, and description.


Okay, that's it for today's update, we hope that you enjoyed it! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next update that includes an announcement from our Kings and also a All-You-Can-Eat RolePlay Buffet (Roleplay contest with point rewards for users who participate and of course special prizes for the top 3)... and we've also heard things about breeding, oh my...

Jan 20, 2017 at 9:13pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
The Elites Have Awoken! + Much More! Read More

Attention Citizens of Cybura! We've gotten some reports of some awesome new things happening around Cybura! But first, before we get into our news, we'd like to thank all of our followers and users, you guys are awesome and we've seen increased activity since our last update (2 weeks ago?! OMG! Time flies ^^'), we look forward to seeing you guys and gals being even more active after today's update and if you are a lurker then please, go ahead and create an account today and join us in the ACZ! We look forward to seeing and chatting with you all! <3

Now, onto our news! We have received many reports concerning the sightings of the legendary beings that dwell in Cybura, yes, the Elite among our beloved species! Did our citizens capture any photos of these rare creatures you ask? Well, yes... yes they did... AND WE HAVE THEM HERE TO SHOW YOU! I am sure you are soooo anxious to see them so, lets get right to it then!

First up we have the Elite of our reallycuteatfirst and then so-cool Kitsunes, and as always, we have the alternate version to show some customization possibilities:


Ooooooh yeeeeeaaaaaah, now you have a taste of the elites and just can't stop there right? Well no worries, we have more elites to show you! But the next one seems a bit... fishy... Give it up for our Elite Shark!


Yeah, I know, it turned out to be an actually fish and a horrible pun... but at least they're cool right? RIGHT?! ... well... not as cool as out next elite, this baby is Ice Cold cool! We present to you, the Elite Ice Dragon!


Har! Har! It is pretty cool though right? And last but certainly not least, we have the dangerously cheesy amazing Elite Saber and it's AWESOME alternate version!


Woooow, those elites are pretty sweet though! Are you excited for any? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite elite is, we would love to know what you think! Can't wait to get your hands on one? Well, just know that they are a very extremely rare encounters, so when cybura launches and you are lucky enough to see one of these beautys make sure you don't let them get away! Alternatively, you can secure an elite by visiting our fundraiser and making a donation for any tier that gives an elite pet, not only do you get an elite pet but you also help Cybura progress faster leading to a faster launch!

So, now that you've seen the elites, it's time to move onto our next update... NEW FORUM AVATARS! YAY!





Now I am sure you all are wondering "where are the elite avatars for the shark and saber?" well, those are currently being completed but we didn't want to hold off he update because of them. They should be done within the next weeks or so and at that time you all will be receiving the avatar that matches your temporary companion. What do we mean by "temporary companion" ? Well, keep reading to find out. ;)

But wait! THERE'S MORE! The Kings of the realms are now allowing new citizens to use their currency! While all new citizens are able to use the currency, that doesn't quite mean you actually have any currency on-hand to use. So if you take a look to the left you will see that the side panel has been updated to display "User Panel" and "Account Management" sections and in the user panel you can see the currency of the realms, and these are: Coins, Bytes, and Royal Tokens! The artwork for Royal Token is currently just a placeholder, Royal Tokens are the premium currency of Cybura and are good in both realms! Now, lets look at an image of the side panel and explain some of what you see.


1. Currency of Cybura: Coins, Bytes & Royal Tokens
2. Active Character Image
3. Username, Active Character Name, Unique ID Code for Active Character, Active character level
4. Displays 4 of your other non-active characters
5. Account management section, should be self explanatory, not all links work and if you are wondering about trackers then read this update.

One more useful bit of information is that Character ID Codes are unique codes that are used to identify your characters. ID Codes are 8 characters total and are Alphanumeric. You will be able to change your ID code for your character(s) starting today, but you'll find out how to do this later in the update.

Oh yeah, and tracker alerts have been moved to their proper place at the top left:


Alrighty folks, we are half way through our updates... yes... this is the longest update yet haha, if you are tired of reading then you can always take a short break and come back to it. :p But moving quite along... Oh? You're still here? Good! Next we have the "Players Online" feature, this features enables all logged in players to see which of their fellow citizens are online with you. Players will stay on the list unless they have been inactive for 10 minutes. Here is a screen of the "Players Online" feature:


Now, only 2 updates remaining! AND I'M SO THIRSTY! *drinks water* ... Up next we have our first RP feature! Now Introducing.... SUB-REPLIES! Sub-replies allow you to select one or multiple of your characters and type a response, posting as your character(s). You may not understand too well just by reading text, but don't worry, we have pictures!

This picture shows sub-reply character selection:


This picture shows the process of posting a sub-reply:


And this picture shows sub-replies in action! :D


Hopefully with those, you can see what we are getting at and hopefully find it as a feature that you will use often while RPing. Also, naturally you will have the default male or female Cybura character, if you'd like to stand out from the crowd and bring in one or more of your OC's then you may do so by ordering a custom outfit here! Again, this will help with the expenses of Cybura and allow us to progress quicker.

And now... The last update for this very long bulletin board post. And that update is... drum roll please... *drum roll* , Citizen (character) BIOs! These are also very useful for RPing. You can update your character's name, ID Code, age, height, birthday and even write up a story/background for your character that others can read and get to know your character a bit better! Also on this page you'll notice a full body image of your character along with that temporary companion we mentioned earlier! The temporary companion is what it is... temporary... you will not keep this companion and you'll have to say goodbye to em' when the programming that assigns your starter companion is complete. Temporary companions were generated and assigned at random and is only meant for fun and to give you an idea of what each companion will look like next to your character. You can access your BIO page by clicking the icon of your active character and you may access anyone else's or even your own by clicking on their sub-reply character icon, or if you know their unique ID Code, you can use that as well! Here is an image of the Bio Page:


Phew! That was a looooot of news! So we will conclude this bulletin board post with some of the things that will be included in our next update:

1. Remaining Elite Avatars (Shark, Saber) and Temp Avatar Distribution
2. Kitsune Evolutions
3. Forum Pings
4. Private Messaging
5. Player Inventory

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Jan 07, 2017 at 7:27pm Cy
Posted by: Cybura
A New Year, New Updates! Read More

Hello and Happy New Year to all of our wonderful users, followers, and stalkers, we love you all! It's been a while since our last update but at last, it's here! THE ICE DRAGONS ARE HERE! So last update we included a list of things that would be completed before the next update and we've successfully completed them and a few more things as well, one of which you've probably already noticed and others which will be released in upcoming updates. So without further ado, today's update!

First off we'll start with the pet a lot of you've been waiting for! Ladies and Gents, we present to you... THE ICE DRAGON!


And as always, here is an alternate hex color design to show you the customization capabilities!


We hope you all love the revamp of the Ice Dragon as much as we do! We can't wait to see what designs you all come up with using them in Alpha!

I know you want to stay and marvel the Ice Dragons for a bit but lets move on to our next updates:

Password Reset - Have you lost your password and are unable to login? You can reset your password now by visiting this page and completing the reset process.

Password Change User Setting - Need to update your password to one that is more secure and/or easier to remember? You may now do so in your PC Settings!

Captcha, TOS & TOS acceptance - We've added a ReCaptcha verification to the register page to keep out all the evil robot forces and also added our TOS page and all users must read and accept our TOS in order to access Cybura.

Fundraiser Revamp - Our fundraiser now has it's own page instead of being a forum post! We've updated the rewards for our previous tiers and also added more tiers which means EVEN MORE REWARDS! If you've supported Cybura in our previous fundraiser before the revamp then don't worry, your donation still stands, however since we've lost our old tier rewards list you will now be receiving the new tier rewards for your donation, we apologize for that but we think you'll find these much more useful. You may stack tiers meaning you can donate more than once to have x2 or more of the same tier if you want. Alpha/Beta Access, Taming Spheres/Capsules, Elite Charms & Many more as rewards in our fundraiser revamp, check it out now! Note: All funds will be used for the Art, Programming, Promotion & Server costs of Cybura and any other needs, any amount helps to speed up the process of making Cybura functional & playable, we thank you all in advance!

Forum Icons - In addition to the promised updates in our last bulletin board post, we are sure most of you have already noticed, but we've also added Forum Icon images to help you easily identify each section of the ACZ, you can check them out there and we will also post them here, we ope this makes things easier for everyone!



And that concludes our updates for today! Here are some things to look forward to in the next update:

1. Elite Pets (Ice Dragon, Kitsune, Shark, Saber)
2. Species Related Forum Avatars
3. Site Currency Programming (Coins & Bytes)
4. Users Online
5. Forum Sub-Replies (RP Feature)
6. Character BIOs

We will end this update with saying thank you all for your support and for your interest in Cybura! We love you all and look forward to seeing you all around the site!

Jul 12, 2016 at 5:02am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
New Features + New Custom Oufit! Read More

Hello Cyburians, Cybilians... Cybinions? ... Hmmm we have to decide on a fitting name. >.> But for now... Hello Citizens of Cybura!

In this update we bring you shiny new features that will make your stay in the ACZ more comfortable. So... let's get to it then! First off we have now added the Edit, Quote, and Report features for use in every discussion! ... Yeah, we know, it should have already been then from the start but... At least your suffering is over now, right? ;)


Next we have, drumroll please... FORUM AVATARS! We have completed the forum avatars feature which allows you to change your forum avatar from the PC Settings page! What is a PC you ask? We will get into that in a later update, but for now stand out from the crowed (or at least some of them) by changing your avatar if you are a Stalker or Halloween Subscriber! Of course more default avatars will be added in the (hopefully near) future.


And now, onto the comments feature! The comment count on each bulletin board is now functional, you can easily comment on any update by replying to the discussion in the Bulletin Board section of the ACZ! We value your feedback so be sure to reply if you have the time. :)


And last but not least for our new features are the Trackers! What are trackers you ask? To keep it simple, they are little floating robo-orbs that monitor a discussion and send alerts to your PC when there is a new reply. Trackers are actual items, so you only have as many as you have collected, but for now we have given everyone 5 trackers to test out and get familiar with their use and having a limited quantity, use them wisely.


To place a tracker, simply click on the grey icon above the discussion title. If you have placed a tracker on the discussion then it will show the icon in full color. Removing works the same way, with a simple click.


Tracker notifications will appear under your username and above the logout button. To mass deactivate trackers, you can do so by visiting the "Manage Trackers" page on your PC.


The "Manage Trackers" and "PC Settings" page can be accessed by clicking their buttons underneath the text of each page.



Besides the new features, another user has ordered a custom outfit for their OC and we wanted to share it with everyone. Please welcome @Lunar_Redux's OC, Vali!


Want to bring your OC to Cybura and support the site at the same time? Then head over to Custom Outfits at Celra’s Shipping to place your order!

We were going to release the revamped Ice Dragons in this update but it became rather long so we will save that for the next update. The next update will include:

1. Ice Dragons
2. Password Recovery
3. Password Change User Setting
4. Captcha, TOS & TOS acceptance on Register Page
5. Fundraiser Revamp

We will also be working on some admin features but those won't be posted in updates, that information is only for staff. :p

Now that pretty much wraps up this update but we would like to close by saying that Cybura's has beautiful art but such lovely art does not come cheap, the programming for Cybura is no problem since the Owner is a programmer and we get that for free, however art is costly, so if you have spare funds lying around and would like to help Cybura progress quickly, then please visit our Fundraiser or have an outfit made for your OC. Our goal is to release Alpha this year but unfortunately art is the main thing holding us back.

Thank you for your support and be sure to invite your friends to become a citizen of Cybura! Everyone is welcome here! :)

Mar 24, 2016 at 6:06am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
New Location! Read More

Below we have the Day & Night Versions of the Anti-Combat Zone location! It has been added to Alaris’s Art Gallery! *pokes header and footer image* Those have been updated as well! Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Day/Night Versions

(Click to view larger image)

Anti-Combat Zone

Established in 960 due to The Exitialis Incident, this is an area where members of The Realm of Deception and The Realm of Truth are able to coexist peacefully.

Mar 23, 2016 at 5:00am Cy
Posted by: Cybura
Pre-Alpha Forums Alpha Testing! Read More

What a strange sounding title... But the meaning behind the title is that Alpha members can now register and help us test our Pre-Alpha Forums, also known as, The Anti-Combat Zone!

"BUT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN 6 DAYS AGO! IT SHOULD BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC NOW!" *the angry mob takes out their pitchforks* Whoa there! Put away those pitchforks, we had a few things we needed to take care of to make the launch more enjoyable for you all, and we needed to gather some information from our Alpha members. Hey! I said put away the pitchforks!

Ok, so now lets talk a little about the registration page. Everyone can register starting now (by clicking the link at the top of this page that reads "Register") but only Alpha members can access the ACZ (Pre-Alpha Forums), if you have a subscriber key then make sure you enter it when you fill out the form. If you are an Alpha user and have reserved a username then you will need your subscriber key in order to claim the username, if you try to register without your key then you will get the "Username is reserved!" error.

Alpha members will test the ACZ for 4 days and then access will be given to all registered members, so the public launch date will be: 03/26/2016!

We apologize for the delay and hope to see you around the ACZ!